How do slot machines actually work?

slot machines work

How do slot machines work? How long has it been around and what big mistake did one of the inventors make? We interviewed Ludwig Wagner, the company spokesman for online-casino: 10 questions, 10 answers.

Slot machines, whether endlessly lined up in casinos all over the world or on the Internet at home, have enjoyed great popularity for decades. Company spokesman Ludwig Wagner explains the phenomenon behind the one-armed bandits.

When was the slot machine invented?

The first slot machine is the legendary “Black Cat” by the Caille brothers. They had built it in 1889, the characteristic lever quickly led to the nickname “one-armed bandit”. Ten years later, Charles August Frey developed the “Liberty Bell” in San Francisco, which already used the three-roller system. However, he made a mistake and failed to secure the patent rights – so it became kind of common knowledge in the industry.

What types of slot machines can you distinguish?

The official name for slot machines, as known from restaurants and amusement arcades, in Germany is “money game device” (according to §33c of the trade regulations). The following slot machines can be distinguished from these meanwhile almost everyday “gaming devices that are equipped with a technical device that influences the outcome of the game and that offer the possibility of winning”: The classic, the one-armed bandit: It appears mainly in casinos – Today’s developments are usually called “Slot Machine”. The characteristic “arm” is now often missing. Then there are no-win amusement machines, such as arcade machines (coin-ups) and mechanical machines, such as pinball machines.

What is the difference between online slots and real ones?

difference between online slots and real o

Online machines and models in casinos do not differ from each other in the basic principle of their operation. While users control slot machines in online casinos with the mouse, they only use the given buttons and buttons on real machines. In principle, there are the same games as in “real” machines.

How does a slot machine work?

The classic slot machines are those in which symbols are displayed on so-called reels, which then bring a win in the right combination. In the past, there were usually three reels with 10 symbols each. The probability of winning something here was then nine to one. Today there are often slot machines with only one reel and twelve symbols. The least likely winning symbol combinations are what hit the jackpot.

What about modern slot machines?

In restaurants or arcades, you can often find devices that offer games such as the popular “Book of Ra” on a video display. The principle is similar to the one-armed bandit, and here too you can watch the symbols as they rotate quickly and then slowly settle into their places. Here one speaks of so-called paylines, i.e. several rows of symbols one above the other. Let’s take Book of Ra as an example: There are three win lines in which the different symbols appear. They consist of five reels – so a total of 15 symbols are displayed.

Why is this game so popular?

The presentation is very reminiscent of the traditional slot machines. Maybe that’s what people like about it so much. In addition, the operation is very simple, you can win free spins. That’s just fun. There are also always smaller wins, which ensure a long playing time even with smaller stakes – and also keep the hope of a big jackpot win alive for a long time.

What does “push up” mean?

What does "push up" mean

The colloquial term of “pushing up” a win means that on some machines any win can be increased. If you win about 50 cents, you can take the risk and, with a bit of luck, double the winnings – as often as you want. However, if you lose, all winnings are gone. Like roulette – black or red, all or nothing. With Novoline games, this works with two playing cards, with Merkur with the so-called ladder.

Which machines are most common in Germany?

The devices from the Gauselmann Group (Merkur) and Novomatic (Novoline) are the most widespread. Other manufacturers are NSM-Löwen, the Schmidt Group and Greentube. However, the basic principles of the individual games are often the same, even if it is sometimes a short change to play on an unfamiliar machine.

Who can play the slot machines?

Both online and in the arcade you must be 18 years old to gamble. You can only enter casinos from the age of 21.

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